Proto Plus Precision does not carry the hidden overhead cost often associated with offshore outsourcing


We will eliminate the quality problems so often associated with offshore manufacturing.

  • So you can direct your Engineering, Manufacturing and Purchasing resources to focus on product development and cost reduction instead of responding to, and managing, quality problems from afar


We will reduce lead time by eliminating the delay of overseas shipping

  • So you can ship your product sooner


We will accomodate your 'Build- to-Order' and 'Lean Manufacturing' strategies

  • So you can pull your parts just-in-time rather than waiting for batch shipments
  • So you can reduce forecasting and inventory


We will help you to maintain parts standardization

  • So you can exercise tighter control over the source of your hardware parts
  • So you can have us use common preferred supplers


We will help you optimize your supply chain

  • So you can eliminate the paperwork, brokerage and tarifs that may that come with foreign sourcing


We will optimize quality

  • So you can keep a closer watch on the manufacturing process and allow you to react in near real time to any production issues that may arise




We won't compete on direct labor cost

We don't have to. Our robots are not on our payroll, do not take vacations, work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the dark and cold