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A Common Goal

Its a fast-paced manufacturing world. When your product requirements change on the fly, we won't manipulate the circumstance to delay delivery or raise the price.

Our technical staff are expert at incorporating revisions to your design or modifications to your order with a minimum of fuss and paperwork.

Your required delivery date is paramount.


  • Drawings prepared from your specifications
  • Reverse engineering from samples
  • Design optimization options for cost reduction
  • Design validation for manufacturability
  • Prototyping


Our design department can work with you to help take your product from concept to

prototype to production

3D modeling software helps our staff convert a napkin sketch to finished product in record time


At Proto Plus, design doesn't add to product lead time - it reduces it!

Pro-Engineer, SolidWorks, Parasolid, IGES, DWG, DXF, Step - we're multilingual. Put us to the test